Zoning maps


A1 size (59.4 x 84.1 cm) maps (PDF) covering the Great Sandy Marine Park (GSMP) are provided to illustrate the configuration of zones, designated areas and transit lanes that will be included in the final zoning plan. These maps can be viewed and/or printed using your web browser or downloaded for use in a range of software such as Adobe Reader or Avenza Maps.

Find more information regarding Adobe Reader or obtain a copy.

Find more information regarding Avenza Maps.

Custom map

A custom map has been created within the online Queensland Globe platform to allow users to easily view the digital data for the final GSMP zoning plan without needing specialised software. Additional data layers can be turned on within Queensland Globe as a reference, using the Layers button. The map may take a few minutes to load; please be patient. Find more information on using Queensland Globe, please refer to the Help available.

Coordinate spreadsheet

A spreadsheet containing lists of coordinates is available to enable users to interpret each of the GSMP zones, designated areas and transit lanes to be included in the final zoning plan. Not every coordinate for a zone or designated area is listed, for example where the boundary follows natural features of the coastline such as highest astronomical tide.

Additional documents illustrate the coordinates for each Marine National Park (MNP) zone and each designated area.