Ex-HMAS Tobruk—from Wreck to Reef

The scuttling of ex-HMAS Tobruk is a project in partnership between the Queensland Government, Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Regional Councils to create an artificial reef and world-class dive site in the Hervey Bay region.

The Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing will spend two years overseeing the final preparations to create a safe and clean dive site for visitors and the environment.

This project will:

  • Create a world-class dive site in Queensland–complementing existing dive experiences, including the Great Barrier Reef and ex-HMAS Brisbane.
  • Create local jobs for the Queensland region and boost the regional economy.
  • Generate national and international tourism opportunities.
  • Create an artificial marine ecosystem, providing a haven for a wide range of marine life.
  • Honour the history of an iconic ex-navy ship, preserving her stories for future generations.

The Ex-HMAS Tobruk site is a restricted access area (PDF, 313KB). Entry to the area is prohibited without a permit or written approval. This applies to everyone—all vessels, divers and snorkelers.

Scuttling of the ex-HMAS Tobruk
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Ex-HMAS Tobruk was scuttled on 29 June 2018 laying to rest on its starboard side. Based on expert advice (PDF, 4.0MB) from experienced recreational divers, vessel salvage experts, naval architects and marine engineers the Queensland Government looks forward to ex-HMAS Tobruk becoming a world class dive site.