About marine parks

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Map of Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks and State Marine Parks in Queensland

Marine parks are established to protect tidal lands and waters and conserve the natural marine environment while allowing for its sustainable use. They protect habitats, including mangrove wetlands, seagrass beds, mudflats, sandbanks, beaches, rocky outcrops and fringing reefs.

Park boundaries can include tidal lands and waters up to the highest astronomical tide (these are tides caused by the sun and moon only—not other factors). These parks include the subsoil below and airspace above their boundaries, and the plants and animals within them.

Australia’s first marine park was established in 1937 at Green, with the second declared over Heron and Wistari reefs in 1974.

There are three state marine parks in Queensland:

To find out more about visiting marine parks and how marine parks are managed, see Managing marine parks—legislation, zoning, permit requirements.