Applying for a permit

Before applying please read the marine park activities to understand which activities require permission.

Download the application form (DOCX, 187KB) and then contact us to discuss your proposed activities to find out the applicable fees, timeframes and supporting documentation required.

Great Sandy Marine Park and Moreton Bay Marine Park contact QPWS

Phone: (07) 3199 7514

Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park (including Island National Parks) contact QPWS
Phone: (07) 4222 5240

Great Barrier Reef (Commonwealth) Marine Park contact GBRMPA
Phone: (07) 4750 0700
Email: Website: GBRMPA

If your activity is within the Queensland Great Barrier Reef Region, we may need to issue your permit jointly with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Submitting your application

Submit your completed application form (DOCX, 187KB) with any supporting information to

Supporting information

Documentation that may be required to assess your application can include maps of where the activity is proposed to take place, additional information describing the activity, environmental impact statements and management plans, and drawings of the proposed structure.

Application processing time

You must be issued with a permit before you can begin your activity.

Assessment of your permit application can take up to 60 business days. If more information is required, it may take an additional 20 business days to process your application.

Permit fees

Fees may apply for the assessment of permit applications and continuations. These are outlined in the Marine Parks Regulation 2017.

Amending marine park permits

If your activity changes you need to apply for an amendment as soon as possible.

Marine park permits can be amended using the application form (DOCX, 187KB). In your application include the current permit number and provide a detailed description of the changes required.

Renewing marine park permits

To renew your marine park permit complete the application form (DOCX, 187KB) and submit before the permit expires. Your existing marine park permit is taken to be in force while the new application is being considered.

Transfer of marine park permits

Marine park permits may be transferred. An application form (DOCX, 187KB) must be submitted and signed by the proposed transferee. A letter or email from the current permit holder stating their intention to transfer or sell the permit, and the proposed transferee stating their intention to receive or purchase it, must also be submitted. The transferee must be a suitable person to hold a permit.