Marine park permits and activities

You may need a permit for activities in a marine park.

Marine parks established over tidal lands and waters protect and conserve the values of the natural marine environment while allowing for its sustainable use. They protect habitats including mangrove wetlands, seagrass beds, mudflats, sandbanks, beaches, rocky outcrops and fringing reefs.

The three state marine parks in Queensland are:

Marine park zoning plans list the activities that are unrestricted, allowed with a permit or prohibited.

Activities you may need a permit for include:

  • tourism programs
  • vessel charter
  • commercial whale watching
  • educational programs
  • research
  • collecting marine plants or animals
  • media activities
  • flying an aircraft
  • operating a hovercraft or hydrofoil
  • anchoring and mooring for an extended period
  • works—construction, installation, operation, repairs
  • traditional hunting.

Permits help marine park managers to:

  • limit impacts on high-use and sensitive areas
  • separate potentially conflicting activities
  • collect data for management plans
  • monitor activities that may potentially damage marine parks
  • provide guidelines for activities
  • encourage all marine park users to behave responsibly.

Applying for a permit

Before applying for a permit find out the supporting documentation requirements, timeframes and the fees applied to various activities and works programs.

Guides for tourism operators and other commercial activities

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