Marine park works

Minor works

Minor works involve minimal disturbance to the substrate or aquatic communities, or minor alienation of parts of the marine park from enjoyment by the public.

Examples of minor works include:

  • installation, maintenance or removal of pile and buoy moorings, pontoons, jetties, boat ramps, interpretive facilities, or other simple structures
  • drainage works
  • dredge spoil disposal
  • beach nourishment and protection
  • foreshore modification, including revetments.

Major works

Major works are only relevant for Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Major works are activities that are inconsistent with the objects for the zone in which the works are being, or proposed to be, carried out, and are likely to have a significant impact on an area of the marine park.

Examples of major works include:

  • port and harbour works, including building a breakwater or berthing and terminal facility
  • airport works, including building a runway or terminal
  • reclamation works
  • developmental dredging of a navigation channel or boat harbour
  • building works, including a sand loading facility, marina, wharf, or submarine pipeline.

Environmental offsets

An environmental offset may be required as a condition of approval where, following consideration of avoidance and mitigation measures, the activity is likely to result in a significant residual impact on prescribed environmental matters. The delivery of these offsets can include a financial settlement, a “proponent-driven” offset, or a combination of the two. Environmental offsets are only required in highly protected zones of marine parks, i.e. Conservation park zones and Marine national park zones.

Applying for a permit

Before applying for a permit find out the supporting documentation requirements, timeframes and the fees applied to various activities and works programs.