Recycling – let’s get it sorted

Keep it loose – don't bag your recycling

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Meet Crystal and Myles. Crystal dances like no one's watching. She keeps it loose with her recycling, too, making sure it's not in the bag when it goes into her yellow lid bin. Good job, Crystal. Let's get it sorted.

It is important to keep your recycling loose when it goes into your yellow lid bin so it can be processed properly.

Let’s get it sorted.

Soft plastics, like plastic bags can’t be recycled through your yellow lid bin. This can cause contamination and may lead to recyclable materials being sent to landfill. Keeping it loose also means it can be sorted and processed more easily and efficiently.

In this guide:

  1. Five materials you can recycle in your yellow lid bin
  2. Get your plastics sorted
  3. Make sorting your recycling simple
  4. Get your metals sorted
  5. Get your paper and cardboard sorted
  6. Get your glass sorted
  7. Keep it loose – don't bag your recycling
  8. Useful links

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