Recycling – let’s get it sorted

Make sorting your recycling simple

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Meet Baker. Baker takes the shot and the crowd goes wild. He keeps a separate basket for recycling and gives himself three points every time he uses it. Good job, Baker. Let's get it sorted.

Using a separate basket for recyclables is a simple and effective way to make recycling easier. Having a dedicated container to place your glass, metals, paper and plastic items into helps separate recyclable materials from general waste.

You could have a separate basket in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and once the items are empty or used, it’s effortless to sort them and make sure they’ll be placed in your yellow lid bin.

Let’s get it sorted.

In this guide:

  1. Five materials you can recycle in your yellow lid bin
  2. Get your plastics sorted
  3. Make sorting your recycling simple
  4. Get your metals sorted
  5. Get your paper and cardboard sorted
  6. Get your glass sorted
  7. Keep it loose – don't bag your recycling
  8. Useful links

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