Recycling – let’s get it sorted

Get your plastics sorted

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Meet Erin and her twins. Erin seeks balance in life. She recycles hard plastics like shampoo, laundry and milk bottles in her yellow lid bin. Good job, Erin. Good job, kids. Let's get it sorted.

Hard plastics can be recycled into new products, such as garden furniture, piping, and decking.

Let’s get it sorted.

Some of the common hard plastic household items you can put in your yellow lid bin are:

  • milk and drink bottles
  • butter, yogurt and ice cream tubs
  • skin care and shampoo bottles
  • cleaning, detergent and soap bottles.

You can check your local council’s website for more details.

In this guide:

  1. Five materials you can recycle in your yellow lid bin
  2. Get your plastics sorted
  3. Make sorting your recycling simple
  4. Get your metals sorted
  5. Get your paper and cardboard sorted
  6. Get your glass sorted
  7. Keep it loose – don't bag your recycling
  8. Useful links

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