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Register a caravan or light trailer

Caravans and light trailers on Queensland roads must be registered. Registration services for caravan and light trailers are offered at some transport and motoring customer service centres. If you live in a rural area, you can visit a QGAP officeMagistrates Court or local police station that provide these services.

New registration for caravans or trailers

You need to apply for registration in Queensland when:

  • buying a caravan or light trailer that has never been registered
  • moving from another state or territory
  • your registration expired more than 3 months ago.

Transfer interstate registration for caravans and light trailers

If you move to Queensland and your interstate registration for your caravan or light trailer is current, you must register it in Queensland within 14 days. For information on cancellation requirements and refunds on interstate registration you will need to contact the relevant government agency.

Before registering a caravan or light trailer

You may need to visit a transport and motoring customer service centre for an inspection. Make sure you visit one that provides caravan or light trailer registration services.

Before towing your unregistered caravan or light trailer you must:

From 1 October, registration labels will no longer be required for light caravans and trailers if your vehicle's aggregate trailer mass (ATM) is not more than 4.5 tonne. Find out more.

You can then tow your caravan or light trailer to:

Apply for registration

To register your caravan or light trailer you need:

Take these documents to your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre. If you are registering a light trailer or caravan on behalf of an organisation, find out how to provide evidence of identity.

Renewing your registration

Find out how to pay your registration if your caravan or light trailer needs renewing. You will receive a renewal notice about 4 weeks before your registration expires.

Unregistered vehicle permit

You can apply for an unregistered vehicle permit online if you need to tow an unregistered caravan or trailer.

Last updated
25 February 2015

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