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What we do

We provide a range of information and services for those who live, invest or work in a community titles scheme in Queensland.

We are committed to giving body corporate members, their committees and industry groups' information and tools to help them better understand body corporate legislation, and to avoid and resolve disputes.

Under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (the BCCM Act), we provide:

  • an information service
  • a dispute resolution service
  • a search facility to access adjudicator's orders affecting particular community titles schemes

Dispute resolution service

We help parties to resolve disputes through conciliation or adjudication.

Our dispute resolution service:

  • encourages parties to try to resolve disputes themselves through self resolution
  • encourages parties to engage in conciliation in an attempt to settle the dispute without the need for a formal order
  • decides disputes through adjudication.

We have detailed information on the dispute resolution service as well as a number of practice directions that explain different aspects of the dispute resolution process.

Information service

Our information service provides information to the community about body corporate legislation. It can help you to know your rights and obligations under the BCCM Act.

The information service cannot provide legal advice, directions or rulings. It provides:


We produce a range of forms for you to use in a body corporate that include:

Building Units and Group Titles Act 1980

Referees in this Office can determine disputes under the Building Units and Group Titles Act 1980 (BUGTA).

While the Information Service cannot provide information on BUGTA there are forms that we produce for you to use:

Contact us

Ask a body corporate question or call the information service on 1800 060 119 (freecall).

You can also access our forms, find out the fees and read the practice directions.

Body corporate fees 

Find out the fees payable for access to records, searches and dispute resolution.

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12 February 2016

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