BCCM services and forms

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM) provides a range of information and services to those who live, invest or work in community titles schemes in Queensland.

We are committed to giving body corporate members, their committees, and industry groups, information and tools to help them better understand body corporate legislation, and to avoid and resolve disputes.

On this page, we explain our:

Our Information and Community Education Unit

We provide information to the community about body corporate legislation. We can help you to understand your rights and obligations under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (BCCM Act).

Unless you have a current dispute resolution application lodged with us, your query will be referred to the information service.

You can ask the information and community education unit a question online. Please do not email the information and community education unit.

We provide:

Where we can’t help you

We cannot provide legal advice, directions or rulings. Nor can we help you with other laws.

We can’t give you information about:

Our dispute resolution services

We help parties resolve disputes under the BCCM Act through conciliation or adjudication.

You should read the practice directions issued by the Commissioner before starting dispute resolution, as they explain different aspects of the process.

See communication and document management (practice direction 3) for more instructions on contacting the dispute resolution service about new or existing dispute applications.

Our forms

We produce a range of forms for bodies corporate and individuals to use.

By-law contravention forms

We provide forms to help enforce body corporate by-laws. These forms can be used by:

Dispute resolution application forms

We provide forms, including guides, to apply for conciliation and adjudication.

We also have a form you can use to apply to have your application or inspection of submission fees waived, if you  can’t afford to pay the fee.

Recordkeeping and bank account forms

We provide forms to assist with records management, which can help:

Meeting forms

To aid in planning meetings, we provide forms to:

Form history

If you need to, you can check effective dates and version numbers of our forms.

Our BUGTA services

While we can’t give you information about the Building Units and Group Titles Act (BUGTA), referees in our office can determine disputes under BUGTA.

We produce some forms relating to BUGTA for you to use, which include a referee application form, notifications of changes or special rights, and others.