Navigate Your Health

Navigate Your Health is a program to help you to look after your health. As part of the program, you will have your own Nurse Navigator who will talk with you, your carers, your parents or another family member you trust, and your Child Safety Officer (CSO) about the things you need to be healthy and well.

What does a Nurse Navigator do?

A Nurse Navigator will:

  • meet with you and help you make decisions about your health needs
  • know the right kind of doctors, nurses and health services to help you
  • put together a health plan so you can have the health checks you need
  • help you get seen by a doctor when you need it
  • talk to the people involved in meeting your health needs about what is happening.

Why do I need a health check?

Going to the doctor or seeing different health specialists can be stressful. You may have lots of questions: Why do I need to see a doctor? What do I say? What am I being treated for?

  • check if your teeth or eye sight are healthy, or if you need any immunisations (your physical health)
  • ask how you’re managing with day-to-day living and offer support (your developmental health)
  • talk to you if you’re feeling down or not feeling right about something (your emotional health).

You can also talk to them if you’re worried about drug or alcohol use, or if you’ve been sexually active. If you’re feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with talking to a doctor or health specialist, it’s okay to bring someone you trust to the appointment.

Am I eligible?

At this stage, you will be eligible for the Navigate Your Health program if your CSO works in the following Child Safety Service Centres:

  • Moreton region: Alderley, Chermside, Mt Gravatt, Cannon Hill, Inala, Forest Lake
  • South East Region: Logan Central, Loganlea
  • North Queensland region: Cairns, Edmonton.

If you have any questions about eligibility for the program, you can talk to your CSO.