Child Health Passports

Your Child Health Passport is a folder that contains information about your health. It is used:

  • to give your carer information about your health so they can help meet your health needs
  • to help Child Safety and your parents (if this is okay with you) to understand your health and help you to be healthy.

Your carer will take you to your doctor for a check-up. When you visit the doctor, they may suggest that you see other types of doctors (like a dentist or an eye doctor) to help you be healthy.

All the information from your visit to your doctor is put into your passport folder. Each time you visit your doctor, any new information about your health will be included in your passport folder.

Your passport is given to your carer. If you want to see your child health passport, ask your Child Safety Officer (CSO) or carer.

If you think the passport is missing any important information about your health, tell your CSO or carer.

If you move placements, remind your carer that your passport should come with you to your new placement.

Find out more

For more information on Child Health Passports, you can talk to your:

  • CSO
  • carer
  • community visitor
  • youth worker.