Case plans

A case plan is a written agreement made between you, your family and Child Safety. It sets out the best way to help you stay happy and safe while you are in care and how you can achieve your future goals and dreams.

A plan may include:

  • your goals and care needs, and how they can be met
  • the needs of your family, and how they can be met
  • contact arrangements between you and your family members
  • support available to you
  • how your parents will keep you safe
  • who will be helping you and your family.

How is a plan created

A family group meeting is organised by Child Safety to talk about your strengths, needs and goals. After discussing all these things, your case plan is worked out based on what is in your best interests.

Who gets a copy of my case plan?

You, your parents or carers, and anyone else involved will get a copy of the case plan.

Reviewing and changing your case plan

Your case plan is reviewed at least every 6 months to see how you feel about it, and to make changes if needed.

Contact your Child Safety Officer (CSO) at anytime if you would like to talk about or change your plan.

What happens when I turn 18?

Once you turn 18 years of age, Child Safety no longer has a legal role in your life. However, they may continue to help you.

A Support Service Case is a written agreement to help you find the right services and support when transitioning into adulthood.

More information

For more information about case plans, you can:

  • talk to your CSO or carer
  • phone Child Safety on 1800 811 810 or (07) 3224 8045
  • contact or visit your nearest Child Safety Service Centre.