Education support plans

An education support plan helps you get the most out of school and overcome problems you might be having with your education. Your plan may include:

  • what your education needs and goals are
  • what help and support you will need to reach your education goals.

How do I get a plan?

You will be involved in developing a plan when:

  • your school is told that you have been placed in care with a foster or kinship carer, or in a residential placement.
  • you move schools.

A support plan meeting to discuss and develop your plan is arranged between yourself and your:

  • parents or family members (only with your permission)
  • school teacher/s, principal and guidance officer
  • Child Safety Officer (CSO)
  • carers.

During the support plan meeting, you can talk about:

  • your educational goals and plans
  • what you're good at and enjoy doing
  • what you want help with
  • what you need at school to reach your goals
  • sport and friends.

What can I do?

To help get the plan that best suits your needs, you should:

  • talk to your CSO, carer or teachers about what your goals are, and what you think about your education
  • go to the support plan meeting and ask questions like:
    • what support and help can I get to meet my goals?
    • who can help me?

After the meeting, you’ll get a written copy of your plan and information about the outcome of the meeting.

When is my plan reviewed?

Plans are reviewed at least once a year or when anything happens in your life affecting your plan.

More information

For more information about education support plans, talk to your:

  • CSO
  • teachers, school guidance officer or year coordinator from your school
  • carer.