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Transferring vehicle registration from a non-legal entity

A vehicle may be registered to an individual or an organisation provided they are a legal entity. An organisation that is a legal entity can legally enter into contracts, pay debts, and sue or be sued. Individuals are also considered to be legal entities.

If an organisation stops being a legal entity—for example if a company is de-registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)—it is then known as a non-legal entity. Similarly, if an individual passes away, they stop being a legal entity.

Once an individual or organisation stops being a legal entity, it cannot continue to have vehicles, personalised or customised plates registered in its name. When we are advised that an organisation stops being a legal entity, and that organisation had vehicles, personalised or customised plates registered to them, we will write to them. This letter will advise of any vehicles or number plates that were registered to the now non-legal entity, and will provide some initial information about finalising these vehicle registration matters.

Vehicles registered to an organisation that is a non-legal entity 

If a vehicle is registered in the name of an organisation that is a non-legal entity, its registration must be:

Personalised number plates must also be transferred or cancelled. Customised plates are not transferrable.

If vehicle registration is not transferred or cancelled

If an organisation has been identified as a non-legal entity, we will restrict its access to future vehicle registration and number plate services.

A non-legal entity with registered vehicles will not be able to:

  • renew registration on currently registered vehicles
  • register new vehicles
  • get personalised or customised number plates
  • use our online services relating to vehicle registration.

Vehicles registered to a deceased individual

Vehicles registered to a deceased person must be transferred by the executor or administrator. Read more about managing vehicles that are registered to deceased people.
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27 April 2015
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