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  1. DestinationQ

    The DestinationQ Portal connects you to events and resources for the Queensland tourism industry. DestinationQ is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism industry. The portal will connect you with the DestinationQ Forum and various regional events, as well as programs and resources to assist tourism businesses to grow.

    Category: Business and industry

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  2. Emergency+

    An app has been developed to encourage people to call the correct number for help in emergency and non-emergency situations, such as Triple Zero (000) for emergencies and 13 25 00 for flood and storm situations. The Emergency+ app uses the GPS functionality of smart phones to enable callers to provide emergency operators with their location information as determined by their smart phone. Latitude and longitude details can be relayed to an emergency operator as well as an address and suburb details. The app includes the option of calling State Emergency Services (SES) 13 25 00 or Police Assistance Line (PAL) 13 14 44 numbers.

    Category: Emergency services and safety

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  3. Housing Assist Qld

    The free Housing Assist Qld app is designed to help existing Bond Loan and Rental Grant customers and people seeking housing assistance or information about renting. Access our services anytime you like. Check the balance of your Bond Loan, find out the status of your social housing application, or get help with renting.

    Category: Homes and housing

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  4. kicbox

    kicbox is a secure app for young people in out-of-home care to keep important things in one place.

    Category: Youth

    Website: Visit the kicbox website.

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  5. MyRanger

    MyRanger makes your visit to Springbrook National Park or David Fleay Wildlife Park even better! The app features: interactive maps, virtual guided tours, rich multimedia including augmented reality wildlife, and heaps of information about the parks, their wildlife, and natural and cultural values.

    Category: Recreation, sport and arts

    Website: Visit the MyRanger website.

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  6. MyTransLink

    Mytranslink makes accessing public transport information in Queensland easy. The app's customisable features ensure you get the service updates that matter to you. Use trip announcer to follow you bus, train, ferry or tram trip while on board to see upcoming stops and remaining journey time, or set an audio alert for you destination stop. Find your best service with journey planner, see the next services departing your stop with real-time information, and save your favourite services to get up-to-date notifications and to quickly check timetables.

    Category: Transport and motoring

    Website: Visit the MyTransLink website.

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  7. QAS Field Reference Guide

    The QAS Field Reference Guide is an abridged version of the QAS Clinical Practice Manual, and includes QAS Drug Therapy Protocols and Clinical Practice Guidelines and charts. Please note, this app is for QAS paramedics.

    Category: Health and wellbeing

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  8. Qld Fishing 2.0

    Have instant access to Queensland's fishing rules anytime and anywhere. The Queensland Recreational Fishing App provides up-to-date information on recreational fishing rules and regulations in Queensland, including size and possession limits, species identification, closed seasons, closed water and stocked impoundment maps, angler diary, and access to tide and weather information.

    Category: Recreation, sport and arts

    Website: Visit the Qld Fishing 2.0 website.

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  9. QLD Rego Check

    Qld Rego Check is the free and official Queensland Government (Department of Transport and Main Roads) mobile app that lets you check the registration status of cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles. By checking the registration status, you can make sure the vehicle is properly registered before you drive.

    Category: Transport and motoring

    Website: Visit the QLD Rego Check website.

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  10. QLDTraffic

    QLDTraffic app provides personalised push notifications for important traffic alerts that affect your favourite routes and places. QLDTraffic can also reach out to mobile users about nearby traffic alerts using audio notifications while travelling on the road.

    Category: Transport and motoring

    Website: Visit the QLDTraffic website.

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  11. QSchools

    Interact with Queensland state schools through the QSchools app and receive up-to-the-minute school information. The app allows you to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to your selected school website. You can also see tuckshop menus, uniform shop information, class times and the school's and the department's social media feeds. The school community can also receive emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the app.

    Category: Education and training

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  12. Queensland Learner Logbook

    Queensland Learner Logbook is the free and official Queensland Government (Department of Transport and Main Roads) mobile app to record your supervised driving as a learner driver. This simple and easy to use app allows you to record your trips and have them confirmed by your supervisors. All data is saved so that it can be accessed from multiple devices. You can use this app to submit your logbook directly to Department of Transport and Main Roads for assessment. To register to use the app, you must be 16 years of age and hold a valid Queensland-issued learners licence.

    Category: Transport and motoring

    Website: Visit the Queensland Learner Logbook website.

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  13. SES

    This app can help when you or your property are in danger because of a flood or storm in Queensland. The State Emergency Service (SES) Queensland is a volunteer based organisation designed to empower people to help themselves and others in their community in times of emergency and disaster. Protecting life is our priority.

    Category: Emergency services and safety

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  14. Small business disaster hub

    The Small business disaster hub is an online one-stop shop with information to help manage different types of crises from natural disasters to workplace emergencies and reputation incidents.

    Category: Business and industry

    Website: Visit the Small business disaster hub website.

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  15. Sortli

    Sortli is a free mobile app to help you think about your future life as you become more independent.

    Category: Youth

    Website: Visit the Sortli website.

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  16. SPEAK

    The ability to communicate effectively through speaking and listening is essential for a child and builds a strong foundation for successful learning. SPEAK provides lots of fun, free activities, ideas and information for parents, carers and educators to support and nurture language development in children from 0-6 years of age.

    Category: Education and training

    Website: Visit the SPEAK website.

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  17. Tenant Assist Qld

    The free Tenant Assist Qld app makes it easy for social housing tenants to access services and manage their tenancy. Access our services any time you like. Check the balance of your rent or maintenance, tell us if you're going away and update your contact details, plus much more.

    Category: Homes and housing

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  18. Weed Spotter App

    The Weed Spotter App allows you to email photographs of plants to the Queensland Herbarium for identification.

    Category: Environment, land and water

    Website: Visit the Weed Spotter App website.

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  19. Worker Assist

    WorkCover Queensland's Worker Assist gives injured workers a convenient and secure way to get information about their workers' compensation claim. This app is part of a range of online services available for injured workers to stay connected with WorkCover Queensland.

    Category: Employment and jobs

    Website: Visit the Worker Assist website.

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