Using your Seniors Card

Where to use your Seniors Card

You can use your Queensland Seniors Card, Seniors Card +go or Seniors Business Discount Card at thousands of participating businesses throughout Queensland.

If you hold a Queensland Seniors Card or Seniors Card +go, you may also be eligible to access Queensland Government concessions.

Finding discounts and special offers

Use the online discount directory to search for Queensland discounts by card type, location, or discount category. For more information phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

How to use your Seniors Card

Shopping for goods and services

  • Ask the salesperson if they provide discounts to seniors.
  • Make the salesperson aware you are a card holder before:
    • negotiating the price
    • requesting a quote
    • ordering goods and/or services
    • paying for goods and/or services.
    • If you have difficulty obtaining a discount from a participating business, call Card Services at Smart Service Queensland on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Using your Queensland Seniors Card interstate and in New Zealand


Each Australian state and territory has their own Seniors Card scheme and some reciprocal arrangements are in place for using your Queensland Seniors Card in other states.

Public Transport and many interstate businesses provide discounts to interstate cardholders on request. It is best to ask the business if it provides a discount for interstate Seniors Card, Seniors +go and Seniors Business Discount Card holders before making a purchase.

See the Seniors Card website for the state/territory you’re visiting for details on how to access transport concessions and business discounts there.

New Zealand

Look for the “SuperGold Cards Welcome” sticker in New Zealand businesses and ask if they also accept Queensland Seniors Card, Seniors +go and Seniors Business Discount Cards.

A reciprocal agreement between the Queensland and New Zealand governments gives Queensland Seniors Card, Seniors Card +go and Seniors Business Discount Card holders access to discounts and special offers on goods and services from businesses participating in the New Zealand SuperGold Card program. Access to government concessions is not included.

Search the SuperGold online discount directory or look for the “SuperGold Cards Welcome” stickers when travelling in New Zealand, and ask the salesperson if they also accept the Queensland Seniors Card, Seniors +go or Seniors Business Discount Card. If a business does not offer discounts for Australian seniors, this will be noted on their website under ‘exclusions’.

Visiting Queensland from interstate and overseas

If you hold a New Zealand SuperGold Card or a Seniors Card issued by another Australian state or territory and are travelling to Queensland, you can search the online discount directory to find businesses offering discounts to visiting interstate and overseas cardholders.

Government concessions (Seniors Card and Seniors Card +go only)