Sport and recreation events


The Sport and Recreation Sponsorship program supports the delivery of events and programs that provide a physical activity opportunity to Queenslanders and/or creates community connection through physical activity.

We recommend getting in contact with Sport and Recreation at least 16 weeks before your event. For more information or advice, email the Sport and Recreation Partnerships Office or talk with a local engagement officer at your closest Sport and Recreation office.

Organisations can apply for sponsorship from the Queensland Government using the Queensland Government Sponsorship Gateway.

Event planning resources

Events have the potential to create meaningful impact on the participants and the communities that interact with them. Organising events can sometimes seem overwhelming, so it’s important to focus on delivering a safe and well-managed event through careful planning.

Find advice on everything leading up to an event, including event delivery and sustainability, through to post-event activities on the Tourism and Events Queensland website and the Queensland Events guide.

Upcoming events

Getting to your event