Sponsorship requests

Sponsorship is available to businesses, associations, local councils and not-for-profits to deliver significant initiatives and events that help with Queenslanders to:

  • Support jobs
  • Back small business
  • Make it for Queensland
  • Invest in skills
  • Back frontline services
  • Keep Queenslanders safe
  • Connect Queensland
  • Educate for the future
  • Protect the environment
  • Grow regions
  • Build Queensland
  • Honour and embrace our rich and ancient cultural history.

To apply you will also need to show how your initiative or event:

And, that you have the organisational capability to successfully deliver the initiative or event.

Applications will be assessed for their strategic merit and alignment to the selection criteria, and current government objectives. Consideration will also be given to local needs, emerging issues, and alternate sources of funding.

The Queensland Government is committed, wherever possible, to sponsoring events that give consideration to gender and cultural diversity, preference to Queensland suppliers, source and profile Queensland talent and produce, and implement environmentally sustainable practices.

In your application you will also need to supply information about:

  • your business, association, local council or group
  • the initiative or event details
  • comprehensive budget information
  • marketing and communications strategies or plans
  • any matters that may impact the sponsorship decision.

If you are looking to deliver an initiative or event that meets these criteria, you can apply online via the link below.

Applications will only be accepted online.

Events that comply with Public Health Directions

In your application, you will also be asked to explain how your initiative or event:

  • will abide by relevant Public Health Directions
  • could adapt to changes in gathering or movement restrictions
  • could adapt to changes resulting from severe weather events.

Applying for sponsorship

It is recommended that applications are submitted at least eight months prior to an initiative or event being held, noting that it may take up to four months to receive a formal outcome to your application.

If you are successful, you will be required to enter into a sponsorship agreement with the Queensland Government detailing outcomes to be achieved and benefits to be delivered for the Initiative or event. It is important that there is sufficient time to develop a mutually agreeable sponsorship agreement, for both parties to leverage a successful partnership.

Requirements of an agreement can include:

  • ensuring appropriate leveraging opportunities are provided
  • obtaining all appropriate documentation (e.g. permits, approvals, relevant insurances) and providing copies to the State on request and in accordance with the sponsorship agreement
  • acknowledging the State’s contribution, by, but not limited to: incorporating and displaying any logos, signage and merchandise provided by the State
  • providing opportunities or similar for the Premier, Minister or delegate in connection with your initiative (e.g. public address, role at an opening ceremony, program foreword)
  • providing all advertising material to the State for approval prior to production
  • if applicable, ensuring the State is granted an appropriate licence to use, reproduce and communicate to the public any works produced in the course of, or as a result of, your initiative
  • providing the State with images of your initiative accompanied by signed photo consent forms and a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to the images
  • delivering on milestones as detailed in the sponsorship agreement, including submission of status reports
  • delivering the initiative as per the sponsorship agreement
  • providing a final report.

Events and initiatives must not be reliant on Queensland Government sponsorship. Sponsorship from the Queensland Government is provided on a one-off basis and should not be relied on for continuity of your event.

Sponsorship funding will be distributed in accordance with the Queensland Government Sponsorship Policy (PDF, 321KB). Achievement of milestones, as agreed in the sponsorship agreement, will need to be met before payment can be made. Should these milestones not be met by the specified date or level, government reserves the right to revoke or amend the offer of sponsorship funding.

The level of assistance is limited by government’s budget and its priorities. No applicant can be guaranteed funding, nor can any applicant be guaranteed to receive the full amount requested in the sponsorship application.

The outcome detailed in the formal response letter to sponsorship applications is final and will not be further reviewed by the Queensland Government.

Apply for sponsorship $10,001 or more

Apply for sponsorship up to $10,000

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Contact details

For further information, contact Events and Engagement, Department of the Premier and Cabinet: