Take a virtual tour

Take a walk through our museum with Curator, Kaye Nardella and Executive Director, Spatial Information, Steve Jacoby, who highlight some of our favourite artefacts and stories on display, educating viewers on why they hold importance in Queensland's history.

Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying

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How to use the virtual museum

At the bottom left-hand corner, select View dollhouse of the Museum which takes you to the entrance of the museum.

You can also select View floor plan to have a top-down view of the Museum.

There are a number of ways you can navigate through the virtual tour.

  • Hover over the blue dots to see information about the artefact or display. Left click to go there.
  • Move the cursor and left mouse click on the white floor rings to move through the museum space.
  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.
  • Left mouse click and move left and right or up and down to navigate the space.

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