Holiday accommodation

When you arrive at your holiday accommodation it’s important to make sure it’s safe for your family. Products you hire must also be safe. Think safety first with these helpful tips.

Bunk beds

Make sure that:

  • the top bunk has guardrails
  • there are no gaps that could trap your child's head
  • younger children (9 years or under) only sleep on the bottom bunk
  • your children don’t jump or play on the bunks
  • you check that the ladder is secure.

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Portable cots

Before you use a portable cot, make sure to check that:

  • the sides and ends are locked into place
  • the mesh is not torn or broken
  • any change table or bassinette is securely in place with no straps hanging inside the cot
  • it complies with the mandatory Australian standard (AS/NZS 2195).

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Blind and curtain cords

Children have been strangled after becoming tangled in long cords. Make sure to check that:

  • all blind or curtain cords are out of reach of small children
  • beds, cots and other furniture are not close enough for your child to reach blind or curtain cords.

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Hot water systems

Make sure there’s a hot water tempering device in the bathroom to stop the hot water temperature exceeding 50°C.

Pool and spa areas

Always supervise your children around pool areas. Make sure you:

  • follow the safety rules
  • ensure your children’s pool toys or floating aids are safe
  • ensure your children stay away from filter inlets and outlets.


Don't let your children climb on the furniture, as it may topple over.

Don’t put tempting items on tables or shelves. This includes items such as:

  • feeding bottles
  • favourite toys
  • remote controls.

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