Buying safely online

Before you shop online or bid in an online auction, make sure you understand your rights and the risks.

By buying online, you may be exposed to a higher risk of injury or illness as you are not able to physically examine products as you would in-store.

Think safety first with these helpful tips.

Pay securely

Make sure you’re on a certified and trusted website. A secure website’s address will begin with ‘https://’ and display the image of a closed padlock.

Don’t disclose any unnecessary private information.

Know the business

Only buy from websites that you know and trust. Check online ratings and reviews, which may indicate any safety issues other consumers have experienced.

Check if the company has a physical street address and landline phone number.

Know the product

Make sure you check:

You can check if the product has been recalled by visiting:

Electrical goods must meet Australian safety standards. Australia’s consumer laws may not apply if you buy online from an overseas business.

Check the contract

Make sure you read and understand the:

  • terms and conditions
  • refund policy
  • delivery details
  • returns and repairs policies, including any associated costs.

Check the full cost

Be aware of the full cost of your purchase. The displayed price must include all extra fees, charges and any pre-selected options.

Additional costs may include:

  • currency conversion
  • taxes
  • postage
  • handling fees
  • packaging.

Confirm the order

The business should ask you to confirm your order before paying.

Keep records

Always write down any reference numbers and print out or save copies of the order form and receipts. Check the receipt against your bank statement.

More information

Find out more about safe online shopping.