Consumer complaint contacts

The following organisations may be able to help you when you have a dispute or complaint.

For ease of reading, we have divided it into the following categories:

This list is not exhaustive.

Consumer protection agencies

Role of the ACCC and NIM
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Australian Government agency for fair trading, competition and consumer protection.
The National Measurement Institute (NMI) Australian Government agency for trade measurement enquiries and complaints about weights and measures.
Role of ACCC on product safety and recalls
Product Safety Australia Coordinated by the ACCC, this service provides information on product safety in Australia, including banned and restricted products. It also provides up-to-date information about recalled products across Australia.
Recalls Australia ACCC service giving information on product recalls in Australia.
Avoiding scams and identity theft
SCAMwatch ACCC service giving information on scams and how to avoid being caught out.
Stay Smart Online Australian Government agency for online safety and security, with information about avoiding scams and identity theft.
Reporting international scams

Partnership of more than 35 consumer protection agencies around the world where you can report international scams.

Find interstate agencies in your state
ACT Office of Fair Trading Australian Capital Territory consumer affairs regulator.
Consumer Affairs Victoria Victoria's consumer affairs regulator.
NSW Fair Trading New South Wales consumer affairs regulator.
NT Consumer Affairs Northern Territory consumer affairs regulator.
SA Office of Consumer and Business Services South Australian consumer affairs regulator.
Consumer, Building and Occupational Services Tasmania Tasmanian building and consumer affairs regulator.
WA Consumer Protection Western Australia's consumer affairs regulator.
Role of consumer awareness groups

Consumer advocacy group that tests products and provides advice about food, finance and health.

Role of agency and your freedom of information
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Independent statutory agency that handles matters associated with information privacy and freedom of information.

Legal services

Always get independent legal advice before you sign a contract that involves a large commitment of your time or money.

The various courts and tribunals that operate in Queensland
Queensland Courts The various Courts that operate in Queensland, including the Supreme CourtDistrict Court and Magistrates Court.
Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)

This tribunal hears:

  • most types of administrative dispute
  • any civil cases where the amount involved is less than $25,000.
Range of legal advice in Queensland
Queensland Law Society Get a referral to a solicitor in Queensland.
Legal Aid Queensland Organisation that provides legal information, advice and representation for disadvantaged Queenslander.
Community legal centres Find community legal centres in Queensland.
Role of legal services commission
Legal Services Commission Hears complaints about conduct of solicitors, barristers or law practice employees.
Role of the ombudsman and their services
Commonwealth Ombudsman Australian Government agency that hears complaints against other agencies. They investigate, audit, inspect and oversee federal agencies.
Queensland Ombudsman Independent agency that investigates complaints against public agencies (state government and local councils).

Specific industries

If talking to the business doesn’t work, you may be able to approach an industry organisation. This could be:

  • a peak body that businesses can join as members
  • an independent body that works as a mediator
  • a government office that works with that industry.
Role of the real estate profession and agencies
Body Corporate and Community Management Handles disputes with body corporate agencies.
Residential Tenancies Authority Handles complaints about bonds and tenant's rights and responsibilities.
Real Estate Institute of Queensland Association for the real estate profession. 
Role of the building and renovating organisations
Queensland Building and Construction Commission Hears complaints about building or renovating work worth more than $3,300 (including labour and material).
Role of the motor vehicles and petrol organisations
Motor Trades Association Queensland Industry body that handles complaints about car repairs (but only if your mechanic is a member).
Department of Transport and Main Roads Department that handles complaints about unsafe vehicles, trailers and transport of dangerous goods.
Tolling Customer Ombudsman Organisation that provides free and independent alternative dispute resolution service for customers and Queensland’s toll road operators.
Fuel price monitoring ACCC service that monitors the price of fuel products and handles complaints about anti-competitive conduct (such as price fixing).
Fuel quality monitoring Australian Government service that handles enquiries about fuel quality.
Role of workplace services and organisations
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Regulator of workplace health and safety, as well as the safety of amusement rides, and industrial and construction equipment.
Fair Work Ombudsman The national workplace relations regulator, dealing with pay, leave, employment conditions, awards and workplace laws.
Queensland Industrial Relations Commission Commission that decides trading hours outside the minimum allowable hours. Including public holidays and for special displays and exhibitions, such as home shows and expos.
Roles of telephones, internet services and pay television organisations
Do Not Call Register Australian Government service that lets you register to avoid getting unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers. 
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Independent mediator for resolving complaints about phone and internet services, including disputes about billing and property access.
Australian Communications and Media Authority Australian Government body which accepts complaints about television (including pay TV) content.
Organisations the provide financial and insurance services
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Australian Government body that can hear complaints about services such as banking, investments, credit or insurance.
Australian Financial Complaints Authority Dispute resolution scheme for financial services. Assists consumers and small businesses to reach agreements with financial firms about how to resolve their complaints. AFCA considers complaints that previously would have been handled by the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Credit and Investments Ombudsman and the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.
Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) Australian Government service that can assist you if you go bankrupt.
Support services for family and small business

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Statutory body that provides support for small businesses and family enterprises should they become involved in a dispute.
Queensland Small Business Commissioner Provides dispute assistance for small businesses and mediation in commercial and retail lease disputes.
Role of advertising and marketing regulators
Australian Direct Marketing Association Industry body that handles complaints about direct marketing, such as telemarketing, door-to-door sales and unsolicited mail.
Advertising Standards Bureau Industry body that hears complaints about discrimination, sexuality, language and violence in advertising and helps the industry regulate itself.
Regulators of the electricity, gas and water services
Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland Independent mediator that can help you resolve complaints with your energy provider.
Electrical Safety Office Organisation that regulates and monitors safety issues in the electrical industry.
Role of the medical services regulators
Queensland Health complaints Hears complaints about hospitals and other public medical services.
Safe Food Queensland Organisation that regulates the primary production and processing of meat, eggs, dairy and seafood in Queensland. It also ensures Queensland's food production systems meet national food safety standards.
Office of the Health Ombudsman

Independent statutory body that hears complaints about a health service provider or a health service provided to consumers, their family or someone in their care.

Organisations that hear complaints for travel services
Airline Consumer Advocate Independent service that hears complaints about air travel services from the major domestic airlines.
Range of Training services regulators
Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Monitors training providers and takes complaints on training and assessment products, outcomes and services provided by training organisations.
Queensland Training Ombudsman Provides a free, confidential, and independent service to review and resolve enquiries and complaints from apprentices, trainees, student, employers and other parties about the vocational education and training system in Queensland.
Veterinary services information for Queenslanders
Veterinary Surgeons Board An information service to consumers and veterinarians on the conduct of veterinary science in Queensland.