Advice for online gambling consumers

With today’s technology, gambling online is easy and accessible. But you should understand what protections you have as a consumer when using an online gambling service.

Generally, Australian consumer law applies to any product or service you buy in Queensland or around Australia. So, for example, it is illegal for businesses to:

  • take unfair advantage of anything you don’t know or understand
  • take advantage of a customer with a disability, impairment or low English-speaking skills
  • claim to offer gifts, rebates or prizes and then not provide them
  • offer gifts or benefits as an incentive to buy, but only if you refer another person to the business.

Online wagering providers based in Australia, as businesses that offer services, are also obliged to maintain your consumer rights, as well as meet their gaming licence requirements.

These providers are regulated in the state they are licensed in. In Queensland, the regulator is the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR).

National framework to reduce harm for consumers

The national framework was introduced to protect you when placing bets through online providers based in Australia.

The federal and state governments have developed a set of standard minimum protections for online gamblers—the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering—which online wagering providers must follow.

These protections provide consistent, easy-to-use tools and information to ensure that consumers are receiving responsible service and are given better ways to control their gambling.

Read the fact sheet on the framework and its 10 measures for more information.


If you have received irresponsible service of gambling from an online provider, talk to the business first to give them the opportunity to explain or investigate the issue.

If they can’t give you a satisfactory response, you can make a complaint with the government agency that issued the provider’s licence—this should be displayed on the provider’s website.

In Queensland, the only licence holder for race and sports wagering is UBET QLD Limited.

Contact OLGR if you have an issue with UBET’s online wagering service or learn how to make a complaint when a gaming provider is not meeting their obligations.

Many other online wagering providers are licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government—see the list of sports bookmakers and betting exchange operators licensed in the Northern Territory.

If the provider is licensed in the Northern Territory, read about complaints and disputes at NT Consumer Affairs for more information about resolving your issue with the provider.