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Buying a used car

  • Buying from a licensed motor dealer

    The safest way to buy a used car in Queensland is to talk to a dealer. All dealers must have a licence, follow the code of conduct and give you your rights.

  • Buying a used car at auction

    Auctions can be a cheaper but riskier option. Find out how to prepare for an auction, buy a restorable vehicle and finalise a sale.

  • Buying privately

    Buying from a private individual is risky, and many of your normal consumer rights won’t apply. Find out how to protect yourself in a private sale.

  • Buying online

    An online sale could be with a private individual or a motor dealer, so different rules may apply. Find out how to do your research and avoid scams.

  • Guarantees and warranties for used cars

    A warranty usually protects you if you buy a faulty vehicle. Find out when a warranty applies and how to have your vehicle repaired under warranty.

  • Cooling-off period for buying a used car

    You can change your mind about buying a used car during the cooling-off period. Find out when it applies, for how long and how to use it.

  • Clear title or free from debt

    A car with clear title is free of any unpaid debts, and will not be repossessed. Learn how to avoid buying a car that is subject to an unpaid debt.

  • Vehicle check

    Always make sure that a used car is safe to drive before you buy it. Learn about vehicle checks and what you should do before you buy a used car.

  • Claim for financial loss

    We have a claim fund that may help if you’ve lost money because of a real estate agent, motor dealer, auctioneer or commercial agents. Find out about the claim process.

Last updated
23 December 2016

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