Inbound tour operators breaches and penalties

Unregistered work

Unregistered inbound tour operators are breaking the law. The following penalties apply.

Type of offence Maximum penalty
Operating unregistered $26110
Not returning your certificate when you have a change of conditions $13055
Not reporting any changes to your registered details


Not returning your certificate when you surrender your registration $2611

Trade conduct

By registering, you agree to trade in a particular way. The following offences will apply, and you may also be liable for civil damages for unconscionable conduct.

Type of offence Maximum penalty
Not keeping your accounting records for at least 7 years  $2611
Not keeping all your required records   $2611


As an inbound tour operator, you may face an inspection. Our inspectors will:

  • act on complaints we receive, including from other retailers
  • conduct random spot checks of inbound tour operators and tour guides.

You must follow an inspector’s lawful directions, or you risk a fine. Our inspectors must show you their signed photo ID.

These officers may:

  • enter any public place that is open
  • enter an area with the owner's permission
  • enter any area if they have a warrant from the Magistrates Court
  • search the premises
  • take photos or video of the premises
  • seize possessions
  • take copies of documents
  • take other people or equipment into the area.
Type of offence Maximum penalty
Failing to provide required information  $26110 or 1 year imprisonment
Making a false or misleading statement to an inspector $26110
Giving an inspector false or misleading documents (unless you advise them of this) $26110
Obstructing an inspector from exercising powers $26110 or 1 year imprisonment
Impersonating an inspector 


Failing to assist inspector in the exercise of their powers $2611
Failing to give your name and address to an inspector if they ask for it  $6,527