Lodging your association's annual return

You must submit an annual return to us within 1 month of holding your annual general meeting (AGM). AGMs must be held in the 6 months after the end of the incorporated association's financial year.

Submitting an annual return is an important duty for the committee of any incorporated association.

Adopting your financial statement

Whether lodging online or by post, the annual return must include a copy of the financial statement presented at the AGM. The president or treasurer usually presents the statement at the AGM.

It should include:

  • a profit and loss statement (for income and expenditure)
  • a balance sheet (for assets and liabilities)
  • all mortgages, charges and securities that affect any of your property at the end of the financial year
  • a copy of the signed audit report or verification statement from your accountant, auditor or verifier (the type of report we expect depends on the size of your association).

Your association then adopts the financial statements at the AGM.

Viewing financial statements

Any member can ask to see the financial statements. The secretary must give them a copy of the statement within 28 days. The member may need to pay the reasonable costs (e.g. photocopying costs).

You can be fined up to $533.80 if you don’t give a copy to the member.

Lodging your annual return form

Within a month of the AGM, you must:

  • fill out your annual return form
  • attach your financial statement, including the auditor’s or verifier’s statement, to the form
  • pay the $58.60 fee
  • lodge the return form.

You can submit your organisation's annual return online or we will send the annual return of association form to you within a month of the end of your financial year. Please contact us if:

  • the form never arrives
  • you need a new copy.

Submit a statutory declaration with the form if:

  • you made no transactions during the financial year


  • you don’t own any assets, liabilities or property.

If you lodge the annual return online, you will receive a receipt automatically, otherwise you should request one when you lodge the form.

Seeking an extension

Contact us if your association needs more time to lodge the annual return. You will need to make a written request and include:

  • the name of your incorporated association
  • a contact phone number
  • your postal address
  • the reasons for your request
  • date extension is required to.

We will tell you within 4 weeks if we have granted your extension.

We only grant extensions in exceptional situations.

Defining your financial year

Your financial year can be any period of 12 months. Most associations choose either:

  • January–December
  • July–June.

There might be some cases where a financial year is longer or shorter than 12 months. These can be:

  • when you start up
  • if you end the association
  • when you change the start or end date of the financial year.

In these cases, the financial year must be:

  • no shorter than 3 months
  • no longer than 15 months.