Fundraise for a community purpose

Organisations that aren’t eligible for registration as a charity can fundraise for a charitable or community purpose by getting a sanction (i.e. approval) from us. It is an offence to fundraise in Queensland without approval.

A community purpose is something that promotes the general welfare of the public, such as:

  • constructing a building
  • maintaining a park
  • repairing a public recreation facility.

Eligibility for fundraising approval

To receive a sanction for a community purpose, you must:

  • have a constitution that sets out your charitable objectives and operating rules
  • be an association of 3 or more people (you do not have to be an incorporated association)
  • have a ‘governing body’ that controls the management of the association
  • have a clause in your constitution that states you are not for profit (unless your membership consists only of charities).

You must use the charity’s income and property to promote its objectives. You must not:

  • distribute it among members
  • pay dividends to members (unless the members are charities).

Who doesn’t need to apply for approval to fundraise

From 1 May 2023, organisations registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) don’t need to apply to fundraise in Queensland.

Before you start any fundraising activities, notify us online—select Fair Trading Charity ACNC Registration Notification.

Applying for fundraising approval

Apply online for fundraising approval—select Fair Trading Application for Associations and Non-profits.

When submitting your form, attach:

  • your association’s constitution, certified as accurate by 2 members of the governing body
  • the resolution or minutes from the meeting where the members or the governing body decided to apply for registration as a charity, certified as accurate by 2 members of the governing body
  • a statement of your association’s financial affairs (and audited financial statements, if available)
  • written approval from the central body, if your association is a branch or section of a larger organisation.

There is no fee to lodge your application.

Applications for registration will generally be assessed within 4 to 6 weeks. We well notify you of the result.