Fundraise for a community purpose

Organisations not eligible for registration as a charity can fundraise for a charitable or a community purpose by getting a sanction from us.

A community purpose is something that promotes the general welfare of the public. Examples include:

  • constructing a building
  • maintaining a park
  • repairing a public recreation facility.

Sanction for a community purpose

We must give approval before you can fundraise. It is an offence to fundraise in Queensland without our approval.

If you want to fundraise for a community purpose on an ongoing basis, you need to apply for a ‘sanction’. A sanction is your permit to fundraise.


To receive a sanction for a community purpose, you must:

  • have a constitution that sets out your charitable objectives and operating rules.
  • be an association of 3 or more people (you do not have to be an incorporated association)
  • have a ‘governing body’ that has control of the management of the association
  • have a clause in your constitution that states you are not-for-profit (unless your membership consists only of charities).

You must use the charity’s income and property to promote its objectives. You must not:

  • distribute it among members
  • pay dividends to members (unless the members are charities).


Download the application form.

You can also apply online.


  • a copy of your association’s constitution, certified as accurate by 2 members of the governing body
  • a copy of the resolution or minutes from the meeting where the members or the governing body decided to apply for registration as a charity, certified as accurate by 2 members of the governing body
  • a statement of your association’s financial affairs (if available, audited financial statements)
  • written approval from the central body, if your association is a branch or section of a larger organisation.

There is no fee to lodge your application.