Current charity applications and objections

From 31 January 2020, organisations that apply to register as a charity in Queensland are no longer required to advertise for objections in newspapers. We will publish a notice below for free under current application notices.

Any objections to these registrations must be lodged within 1 month after the application notice is published.

Current application notices

The following organisations have made an application for registration as a charity. Each application notice will be published here for 1 month.

For information on the charitable purpose and objects of the organisation, please email

Lodge an objection

Anyone can lodge an objection to the registration of an organisation as a charity.

Objections may be on the grounds that:

  • the purpose of the organisation is not charitable
  • the charity will not be operated in good faith
  • a charity already exists for the same purpose
  • the charity will not be properly administered
  • an inappropriate person is connected to the charity

To lodge an objection, you must:

  • complete and lodge the objection form with us
  • send a copy of the form to the organisation within 7 days of submitting it to us (we recommend using registered mail)
  • be able to prove to us that you have sent a copy to the organisation, if requested.

Objections must be lodged within 1 month from when the application notice is published.

Responding to objections

If your organisation gets an objection, you have 1 month to respond.

Send your response to us.


Once we have made a decision about an objection, we will advise the organisation and the objector.