Service contractors

Amending an engagement

The body corporate can agree to amend the current engagement with a service contractor or caretaking service contractor by ordinary resolution  at a general meeting.

Voting to amend an engagement

A motion to amend a service contractor engagement can be decided by open ballot.

However, for a caretaking service contractor, the motion must be decided by secret ballot.

In either case, no votes can be cast by proxy.

Amending pay, contract length or authority as letting agent

A motion about a service contractor or letting agent can only be considered once in a financial year if it is about:

  • increasing their pay
  • extending their contract
  • increasing their authorisation as letting agent.

Giving notice of the change

The general meeting notice must include an explanatory note (in the approved form) explaining the amendment.

The amendment must:

  • be in writing
  • state the term of the engagement
  • state the duties
  • include the payment arrangements.

Two-lot schemes

For schemes registered under the Two-lot Schemes Module, an amendment can be made by lot owner agreement. This is when the owner or a representative from each lot negotiates and reaches a written agreement on the matter.

In this guide:

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  2. Engaging a service contractor
  3. Amending an engagement
  4. Transferring an engagement
  5. Terminating an engagement

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