Body corporate maintenance

The body corporate and owners are both responsible for maintenance in a community titles scheme.

Sometimes it can be hard to work out who is responsible for what.

An important first step is to find out:

  • which plan of subdivision your scheme is registered under


  • what regulation module applies to your scheme.

The regulation module is set out in the community management statement for your community titles scheme.

Community titles schemes are registered under a plan of subdivision. This is recorded as a survey plan. The survey plan shows the boundaries of the common property and the lots in that scheme.

There are several types of survey plans. Boundaries will be defined differently depending on the type of plan registered. The 2 common types of survey plans are:

  • building format plans
  • standard format plans.

Contact the Titles Registry Office to get a copy of your scheme’s:

  • registered survey plan
  • community management statement—this will tell you what your regulation module is.

Once you know the boundaries of the lots and common property, the survey plan and the regulation module, you can work out what maintenance the body corporate is responsible for and what maintenance each lot owner must do.

Maintenance of common property and lots

A body corporate must maintain the common property in a good and structurally sound condition. The owner of a lot must maintain their lot in good condition.

Maintenance can include work that is needed to prevent damage. For example, a body corporate or lot owner may have to take steps to prevent termite damage to lots or the common property.

Read more on pest control and other maintenance issues.

An owner may be liable if they do not maintain their lot and this causes damage to another lot or common property.

A body corporate may also be liable if it does not maintain common property and that results in damage to a lot.

Maintaining lots and common property is different to making an improvement. Read about body corporate improvements.

For more information on what maintenance the body corporate and the owner is responsible for under each plan of subdivision see: