Has someone hurt you?

If someone intentionally hurts you, remember you are not alone—we can help you get back on track. The earlier you seek support, the sooner you will recover. Learn more about when you should ask for help.

Financial assistance

We may be able to pay for the things that will help you recover from the violent crime and its effects.

For example, counselling; medical and dental expenses; loss of earnings and safety needs.

Contact us

Phone us on 1300 546 587 (business hours) or use our online form to ask us about:

  • free or low-cost counselling and other victim support services in your area
  • financial assistance and how to apply

How we can help

We help Queensland’s victims of crime after they experience violent crime or domestic and family violence. This may include helping you get financial help, and referring you to other agencies for emotional and other support.

Victims’ rights

Find out your rights when interacting with us and how to make a complaint if you think you’ve been treated unfairly.

Court support

Our Victim Coordination Program can give you information about the court process or refer you to services that can support you in court or help writing an impact statement.

Witnessing a crime

People are available to help you understand your role in reporting a violent crime and recovering from the distress.

Help for support agencies

We can help your agency understand and apply victim rights; promote and support victims’ needs; and connect with other victim services.