Funding for support agencies

We provide funding to not-for-profit agencies that support victims of violent crime in Queensland.

Victim Services Funding Program 2022-27

We will allocate more than $17 million over 2022-2027 to community organisations to provide free or low-cost services to victims of crime in Queensland. This funding will be distributed across 5 streams:

  1. Trauma-informed victim support for all victims
  2. Trauma-informed support for young and adult males who are victims of sexual violence.
  3. Trauma-informed support for young and adult victims of violent crime who have an intellectual disability.
  4. Trauma-informed support of people who have been affected by the crime of homicide.
  5. Trauma-informed specialised support for child, youth and adult victims of crime interacting with the criminal justice system, and for children and youth who provide evidence to court

Funding breakdown

A breakdown of the 2022-2027 service delivery investment that will be provided to individual community organisations is set out below.



Annual funding





Save the Children



WWILD - Sexual Violence Prevention Association Inc



QHVSG - Queensland Homicide Victim Support Group



PACT - Protect All Children Today


One-off funding

We invest up to $200,000 every two years to provide one-off funding to community organisations to help strengthen the service sector and communities across Queensland to assist victims to get their lives back on track.

Currently funded



To build capacity in the domestic and family violence sector to respond effectively to women who have an intellectual disability.

True Relationships and Reproductive Health


To create a  Victim Survivor Interview Room at Cairns Sexual Assault Service Office

PACT (Protect all Children Today)


To develop educational resources about giving evidence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims & witnesses of crime



More information

For specific questions about future offers, email Please note, Victim Assist is unable to respond directly to your questions.

If you are interested in applying in the future, you may also want to read about other projects that were approved in the past.