Appeal against the Valuer-General’s decision on objection

If you disagree with a decision on objection made by the Valuer-General about the site value or unimproved value of your land, you may be able to apply to the Land Court to appeal the decision.

You must lodge your appeal within 60 days of the date on the decision on objection.

Who can apply

You can use this online form to appeal to the Land Court if you’re a Queensland landholder (or a landholder’s solicitor or authorised agent) and you have previously:

  • lodged an objection to a statutory land valuation (annual or maintenance valuation) with the Valuer-General
  • received a decision on your objection from the Valuer-General that you disagree with.

Read the relevant sections of the Land Valuation Act 2010.

How to complete this form

Refer to your decision on objection to answer the questions.

You must tell us your grounds of appeal and your estimated valuation amount.

If your appeal goes to a court hearing, it will be limited to the grounds you state on this form—you can’t add more grounds later.

How to lodge your appeal

Once you complete this form, you need to download, print and sign it, and lodge it with the Land Court, either:

  • in person at Level 8, Brisbane Magistrates Court building, 363 George Street
  • by post to The Registrar, Land Court, GPO Box 5266, BRISBANE QLD 4001
  • by fax to (07) 3247 4635.

You must also give (i.e. serve) a copy of the completed form and any attachments to the Valuer-General within 7 days. You can post or take it to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) business centre shown at the top of your valuation notice or any other DNRM business centre.

There are no fees for lodging your appeal.

What happens next

We will write to you within 10 business days to let you know the next steps in the appeal process.

Contact us

Contact the Land Court by: