Nominate a mover for your admission

If you are applying to be admitted to the legal profession in Queensland, you can use this form to nominate a legal practitioner to move your application at the admissions ceremony.

Your mover must hold a current practicing certificate (unless they are a government lawyer).

To use this form, you must have filed your application for admission and your affidavit of compliance with the Brisbane Supreme Court registry and provided it to the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board.

You must submit this form at least 12 days before your ceremony.

To complete this form you will need:

  • your file number (provided by the registry when you lodged your application)
  • your mover’s details, including their current practicing capacity, the date they began practicing in this role and the state or territory of their admission or appointment.

Changing your mover

If you need to change the information you give us, you must resubmit the Nominate a Mover for Your Admission form immediately.

  1. Am I eligible?
    1. Have you filed your originating application for admission with the Supreme Court registry? *
    2. (If you chose ‘No’ above)

      You are not eligible

      You need to have filed a Form 01 - Origination application for admission as a legal practitioner before applying.

    3. (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
      1. Is the mover employed as a government lawyer? *
      2. (If you chose ‘No’ above)
        1. Does the mover hold a current practicing certificate? *
        2. (If you chose ‘No’ above)

          You are not eligible

          The mover must hold a current practicing certificate.

  2. Complete your nomination
  3. Mover's details
    1. Name
    2. Has the mover changed their family name since admission? *
    3. (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
    4. If your mover is a solicitor or legal practitioner—use the date they were first admitted.

      If your mover is a barrister—use the date they were last called to the bar.

      If your mover is a Queen's/Senior Counsel—use the date they were appointed silk.

  4. Your details
    1. Name
  5. Acknowledgement