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Queensland Courts has a range of rooms and resources available for hire. Organisations that deliver court-related services may be eligible to book the courtrooms and court facilities for professional functions.

You can use this form to enquire about the availability and cost of booking a room and resources in the courthouse.

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  1. Booking details
    1. Which court do you want to book a room for? *
    2. What type of room do you want to book? *
    3. What is your preferred booking date(s)? *
    4. As the date you have chosen is on a weekend, an additional fee will apply.

    5. As the date range you have chosen contains weekends, an additional fee will apply.

    6. Between which hours? Booking times are subject to availability. *
    7. As the start time is outside of standard office hours, an additional fee will apply.

    8. As the finish time is outside of standard office hours, an additional fee will apply.

    9. Do you require any additional resources? Select all that apply
  2. Mediation details
      1. Which jurisdiction is the mediation under? *
      2. Which court is the mediation under? *
      3. On-site contact name Who can be contacted on-site in regards to the mediation.
  3. Details of matter
    1. As the matter is being heard outside of Queensland, your booking should be court ordered.

    2. Who will be using the room? Select all that apply
    3. Name of witness
    4. Which jurisdiction is the matter under? *
    5. Which party is the practitioner representing? *
  4. Certificate of insurance

      Public liability insurance and fees are required to use court facilities if you are:

      • using them for a purpose not connected with a Queensland Court proceeding
      • not using them as part of a Queensland Government department.

      Public liability insurance must be current at the time of the event to the value of $20,000,000.

      Your booking cannot be accepted without the required insurance.

      If you have not yet organised insurance, you will need to forward on a copy of the certificate of currency to the relevant registry once you have obtained insurance.

  5. Contact details
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  6. Acknowledgement
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