Fill out your appeal against the Valuer-General’s decision on objection

You can use this form to appeal to the Land Court against a decision on objection made by the Valuer-General.

To answer the questions on this form, you will need to refer to your decision on objection.

This form cannot be submitted online. Once you complete it, you need to download, print and sign it, and lodge it with the Land Court either:

  • in person at Level 8, Brisbane Magistrates Court building, 363 George Street
  • by post to The Registrar, Land Court, GPO Box 5266, BRISBANE QLD 4001
  • by fax to (07) 3247 4635
  1. Can I apply?
    1. Do you have a decision on objection from the Valuer-General? *
  2. You are not eligible

    Before you can use this form, you must have received a decision on objection from the Valuer-General.

  3. Valuation amounts
    1. What valuation(s) are you appealing against? * You can find the amounts on the decision on objection. Select all that apply.
    2. $
    3. $
    4. $
    5. $
    6. $
    7. $
    8. $
    9. $
  4. Valuation details
  5. Property details
    1. Property description
    2. Street address
    3. On what basis are you appealing the decision on objection? *
  6. Contact details
    1. Are you the landholder, a solicitor or an authorised agent? *
    2. Solicitor / Agent details
      1. Your name
      2. Company / Firm address
      3. Preferred contact number *
    3. Landholder's details
      1. Address
      2. Preferred contact number *
  7. Attachments
    1. Are you attaching any additional documents to your appeal? * You must attach a copy of the decision on objection. You can also attach any other documents in support of your appeal.