Overseas skills recognition

Overseas skills recognition is about having your overseas trade or professional skills and qualifications formally assessed and recognised in Australia.

This information is for people who:

  • are already living in Queensland
  • want their skills and qualifications recognised so they can apply for work.

Skills recognition for migration purposes

If you do not live in Queensland and want your skills recognised for migration purposes, contact the Department of Home Affairs.

Read more about:

Registered migration agents can help with your assessment process. Fees are charged for this service.

Learn more about working visas.

Skills recognition for migrants living in Queensland

If you are looking for work and finding that Australian employers do not accept your overseas qualifications, you can apply for skills recognition.

If your occupation requires registration or licensing, you will need to have your qualifications formally assessed.

Trade skills recognition

To have your overseas trade skills recognised, consider recognition of prior learning (RPL). The RPL process can recognise your previous training and skills and may result in an Australian qualification being awarded.

Recognition of overseas higher education qualifications

If you currently live in Queensland and have permission to work or study in Australia, you may be able to apply for a free assessment of your overseas qualifications. The Overseas Qualifications Unit provides free assessments of overseas qualifications that give an indication of how your qualification compares in Australian educational terms.

Find out more, including how to apply for an assessment.

Credit transfers

If you want to gain an Australian qualification by studying at an Australian university or educational institution, you may be eligible for a credit transfer. The credit transfer process will look at the subjects you studied overseas and may award you credit towards an Australian qualification. This process could save you time and money.

For information about the credit transfer process, contact your preferred Australian university directly.


Some occupations require people to be registered or licensed before they can work in Queensland.

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