Industry job trends and statistics

This information provides current industry and labour market trends and identifies national skills shortages in Queensland.

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Skills shortages

Skills shortages in a particular industry can mean job opportunities. Shortages exist because employers can't fill vacancies. This may be because the job requires specialist skills, the location is difficult, or the industry is booming.

Read about national skills shortages in the skills priority list.

Apprentice and trainee shortages

The Australian Apprenticeships priority list identifies traditional trades and vocational areas that don't have enough skilled workers to meet demand.

A wide range of occupations are listed, including:

  • aircraft maintenance engineers
  • bakers
  • bricklayers
  • electricians
  • joiners
  • telecommunications technicians
  • personal care assistants.

Government offers a range of incentives to encourage employers to take on more apprentices and trainees.

Read more about apprenticeships and traineeships and financial help that may be available if you are thinking about starting an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Employment growth

Labour Market Insights (LMI) shares employment and labour market data, such as employment and unemployment rates, participation rates and employment growth.

The data is sourced from the National Skills Commission and can be searched based on regions, industries, and occupations.

The 4 industries that are expected to record employment growth over the next 5 years to November 2026 include:

  • health care and social assistance
  • accommodation and food services
  • professional, scientific and technical services
  • education and training.

Learn more about the employment projections outlook including likely future employment trends, expected skill levels and industry growth across occupations, states and territories, and regions.

Queensland trends

Compare Queensland's monthly labour force trends with national figures. You can also find data on monthly employment growth.

For Queensland's labour force statistics visit the LMI website, and search either by:

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