Finding job vacancies

Many jobs are advertised online.

You can use the following options to search for vacancies.

Government jobs

Industry jobs

Visit industry job trends and statistics for information about industry growth areas and future job opportunities.

Industry Skills Councils assist in driving workforce development, skills reform and training investment in Queensland. Read more about Industry Skills Councils.

Mining and resources is a key growth area in Queensland at the moment. To find vacancies and further information about the sector search the resource sector job board.

Broaden your search

  • Subscribe to receive email alerts about current vacancies that match your criteria from your preferred career website or recruiter.
  • Read the job and careers sections of newspapers or industry magazines.
  • Talk to people in the areas you are interested in (many jobs are not advertised—some employers rely on word of mouth).
  • Look for volunteering opportunities that will help you gain some practical experience.
  • Visit job expos, career fairs or industry forums.
  • Brush up on your networking skills.
  • Use your personal networks, either face to face, or via social media to get the word out.