Licensing and registration

Many jobs in Queensland require licensing and/or registration before you can gain employment.

For example:

  • To work as a school teacher in Queensland you must be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers.
  • To work as an electrician in Queensland you must hold an electrical work licence.

Call Training Queensland on 1300 369 935 if you cannot find the information you require using the below methods.

Find licensing and registration information

The myfuture website provides high level information about occupations, and you can drill down to find Queensland-specific licensing and registration requirements.

Follow these steps:

  1. Search for your occupation and select the result that best matches the occupation you are interested in.
  2. Scroll down the page and on the right hand side is 'Information for each state'.
  3. Click on 'Queensland'.
  4. Information on any licensing and registration is included on this page.

Business and industry licences

Some businesses and industries are regulated through the Office of Fair Trading to ensure industry professionalism and to protect consumers.

Find information on getting a licence as a:

  • property agent 
  • motor dealer
  • tattoo parlour or tattooist 
  • debt collector or process server 
  • second-hand dealer or pawnbroker
  • introduction agent
  • inbound tour operator.

You may also need a licence if you do building or electrical work.

Interstate trade licences and Queensland equivalents

If you have an interstate trade licence and you are moving to Queensland you can use an equivalent licence search to see which one you will need here—it may be the same as the one you currently hold.