Compare and choose electricity retailers

You can:

  • compare and choose electricity deals by electricity retailers using Energy Made Easy - call the Australian Energy Regulator infoline on 1300 585 165 for assistance on how to use Energy Made Easy
  • contact your current electricity retailer to ask for a better electricity deal
  • ask someone you trust (e.g. family, friend, community services worker) to help you with the website or with phone calls - you will need to be with the person to authorise any conversations on your behalf.

Tips for choosing or switching electricity retailers

  • Check the new electricity plan saves you money by comparing conditions, benefits and costs (using your current bill and retailer advice) against new potential plans.
  • Read the conditions if you are offered a discount.
  • Check the payment terms for flexible options.
  • Check for exit fees.
  • Use the cooling off period (10 days) to think about your new contract - you can change your mind.
  • Check your electricity contract at least annually and reconsider your plan and check for discounts.

South East Queensland electricity customers

If you live in South East Queensland you can choose your electricity retailer.

Regional Queensland electricity customers

If you live in regional Queensland, you can choose your electricity retailer.

However, you have the right to be supplied at the regulated (i.e. notified) prices, which are set annually by the Queensland Competition Authority.

If you switch providers, you can go back to the notified price with your current retailer.

If you're in regional Queensland and currently with another retailer, you have the option to return to Ergon Retail and access Easy Pay Reward (eligibility criteria applies). This is a rebate for regional households ($75) if you register for direct debit and monthly eBilling.

Moving house

If you are buying a new house or moving into a rental house, you can choose your new electricity retailer.

Note: Real estate agents may suggest a particular electricity retailer, but you do not have to agree to using this company.

Solar power

Some electricity retailers have offers for new or existing rooftop solar power.

Read about what feed-in tariffs are being offered.

Note: If you are receiving the Solar Bonus Scheme feed-in tariff and maintain your eligibility, you will not lose this feed-in tariff rate by looking for a better electricity deal. The Solar Bonus Scheme is not accepting new applications.

Multi-unit complexes

Multi-unit complex residents can now choose to use an electricity retailer to power their home, rather than using their site owner.

Read more about your choice of electricity retailer in multi-unit complexes.

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