Waterwise gardening

Plant selection

Dietes iris, a strappy leafed iris like plant, wit two white flowers with six petals, in front of a palm tree trunk

Planting hardy shrubs and drought-tolerant plants will help reduce your water needs. Choose your plants based on the climate and soils of the area.

When buying plants, look for ones with these features:

  • small leaves
  • light-coloured leaves
  • hairy or tough leaf surfaces
  • deep root systems.

Examples of plants that will tolerate dry conditions, once established, and also tolerate some moisture:

  • Australian natives – Acacia, Cordyline, Correa, Grevillea, Westringia
  • non-native – Acanthus, Dietes, Echium, Gazania, Lavender.

Please consider the suitability of plants for your garden as some may be classified as weeds in your council area, and some are not as child or pet friendly as others.

Contact a nearby nursery or your local council for information on waterwise plants suited to your local area.

In this guide:

  1. Plant selection
  2. Understand and improve your soil
  3. Mulching
  4. Lawn care
  5. Watering

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