Waterwise at work

How to be waterwise in your workplace

Saving water is everyone’s business – each person can save a little, and together we can save a lot!

A blue container, full of water, has a droplet splash

If you have 50 people in your workplace and each person reduces their water use a little by using the tips below, you could save over 1000 litres each day – or enough to fill 110 buckets!

Use these 6 steps to analyse water efficiency and reduce water use in your workplace:

  1. collect information about how water is used in the workplace
  2. assess how efficient current water use practices are
  3. identify water saving ideas and provide these to your manager
  4. support the implementation of water savings ideas
  5. review and report on improved water efficiencies.

Tips for a waterwise workplace


  • Print less and go paperless where possible – it takes 2 litres of water to produce 1 sheet of A4 paper!


  • Use the half flush option on the toilet and report leaks to your building manager.
  • Keep your showers to 4 minutes – 1 minute less in the shower saves 1 bucket of water!
  • Report dripping or leaking taps.
  • Turn off the tap while soaping your hands.


  • Only put the dishwasher on when you have a full load.
  • Scrape dishes instead of rinsing under the tap.
  • Report dripping taps to your building manager.

Print copies of the Using water wisely in your workplace (PDF, 580KB) brochure and put them on the wall in your kitchen, bathroom and other shared spaces at work. This will remind everyone to think about their water use, and there’s space to record your water saving ideas as well!

Business managers can find more tips on the Business Queensland website.