Waterwise gardening

Water-efficient gardens require less maintenance and reduce water bills and running costs.

To help you get the best outcomes for your garden we’ve developed some guides on establishing and maintaining water efficient gardens (PDF, 1.4MB) and active playing surfaces (PDF, 687KB).

You can also read the full efficient irrigation guidelines (PDF, 6MB) for more detail.

Planning your garden

  • draw a scaled plan of your property
  • consider natural characteristics such as drainage, wind, direction of sun, views, areas requiring screening and noise
  • plan what the different areas will be used for
  • decide what you want to keep in your garden and what needs to go
  • determine how much maintenance will be required.

Include shaded areas and windbreaks

  • Identify areas where shady trees, shade sails, pergolas or other structures could be incorporated into your plan.
  • Strong winds can increase evaporation so consider providing windbreaks to protect your plants.

Establish plant zones

Group plants according to their water requirements so you only need to water smaller, defined sections of your garden.

Waterwise gardening

In this guide:

  1. Plant selection
  2. Improve your soil
  3. Mulching
  4. Watering
  5. Lawn care

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