Waterwise community resources

Local governments

In most communities, the council is the local water service provider. Because of this, local government has an important role to play in raising community awareness about the need to use water wisely.

Local governments can contribute to educational activities about water-related topics. Many local governments operate tours of their water and wastewater treatment plants.

Use the overview of water education activities for councils and water service provider staff (PDF, 542KB) .

You can use these resources for ideas when organising activities for school students:

Read more about water education activities and resources for schools, including ideas for council officers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities

Several of the Waterwise resources have been developed for use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. These incorporate an Indigenous motif to provide a more relevant context and better engage people.

For more information about these resources, email waterwise@rdmw.qld.gov.au

Wastewater and sewage treatment

Some of the resources focus on water and sewage treatment by explaining how water and wastewater is treated.

The resources also highlight the need to take care with what goes down the sink and toilet.

Information sheets

These resources can help change community attitudes and behaviours regarding efficient water use throughout Queensland.

Contact us

For more information about water education in the community, please email waterwise@rdmw.qld.gov.au

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