SLATS explained

Vista from Mt Greville towards Lake Moogerah and Mt Edwards, in South East Queensland.

The Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS) uses satellite imagery to monitor woody vegetation clearing in Queensland's native vegetation in support of the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

The study produces spatial data and reports to inform a range of other land management policies and reporting initiatives in Queensland including protection and management of the Great Barrier Reef, State of Environment reporting and biodiversity conservation and planning.

SLATS methodology and research

Developed in Queensland, the rigorous satellite imagery processing and mapping methodology has been adapted and endorsed by other states and territories in Australia.

Current SLATS research priorities include:

  • Investigation of approaches for improving the mapping of woody vegetation in Queensland and
  • Development of systems to investigate the application of Sentinel-2A satellite imagery in change detection analysis.

We welcome collaborations to develop new or enhance existing land cover monitoring approaches.

More information

View our reports and spatial products or email for general SLATS enquiries.