Portable food steamer gas safety

Gas-fuelled portable food steamers are used throughout  the restaurant industry. For public safety reasons, business operators must  ensure they do not use or purchase non-compliant steamers (including online purchases)  or use other means that do not meet Australian Safety Standards.

If you are using a portable steamer that is not  certified, your safety and that of the public is at risk—stop using it  immediately (until it can be certified) and source alternative steamers that  comply with Queensland regulations for approved devices .

A certified  gas-fuelled steamer trolley should carry an approval mark from a certifying authority.

Certifying a device

Queensland Gas Association logoFor second-hand or custom-built devices, the Queensland  Gas Association (QGA) is  currently the only body approved to certify a device.

The QGA can inspect your device on-site or at the  workshop of a designated QGA certifier. The QGA is a separate commercial entity  so there will be a cost to have a device certified.

To request a quote or have your device certified, contact  the QGA on 1300 792 239.

Refunds on non-compliant devices

If you have purchased a device that is not  certified:

  • contact  the supplier you purchased the device from and ask for a refund
  • provide  the details of the seller to the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate—we will investigate the safety-related  issues of the matter and advise you on compliance requirements
  • contact  the Office of  Fair Trading and lodge a complaint as to the device not  being fit for purpose.

The safety of gas devices in administered  under the Petroleum and Gas (Production  and Safety) Act 2004. We can assist with issues covered by this legislation.  If you wish to pursue a supplier for commercial loss resulting from a faulty  product you can deal with these matters under fair trading legislation.

Public safety implications

Inspectors at the Department of Natural  Resources, Mines and Energy first identified a public safety risk associated with  portable steamer trolleys following a serious incident where a hose connecting  a portable steamer to its gas cylinder melted, causing a small fire at a Gold Coast  restaurant in mid-2016.

Since this incident, the department’s  Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate has conducted regular inspections in this area  to keep the community safe. Safety  Alert 75 promotes the safety message to a wider  audience.

Our inspectors are proactively communicating  this safety message and ensuring users are forewarned to reduce the risk of  further incidents. Consumers can take action to check they meet compliance  standards for these portable cooking devices.

A key risk  identified with uncertified or faulty gas devices is they have not passed the  correct Australian approval process and are not approved for use in Australia.  The devices appear to have been manufactured by people ignorant to the safety  implications. If you use or sell these products, you could face a fine or be  prosecuted for breach of state and national regulations.